the aspirations and concerns of our clients will be considered throughout all stages

We believe that listening and understanding our clients through continuous dialogue will help us develop a design concept that addresses their needs. 

The active process of determining the needs and aspirations of various user groups for the given project must be established in the early stages of design.

The synergy of an innovative design team and committed clients ensures clear objectives and a final results that the entire team can confidently stand behind. Engaging key players in dialogue to establish the unique and diverse needs of the program and facility allows for the entire team to achieve excellence.

The aspirations and concerns of our clients will be considered throughout all stages, but are critical in the early stages when determining the various spaces and more importantly their functions, attributes and cost.

Cost effective methods and proactive cost control is an important aspect of the development of the design. Significant capital can be generated and the life cycle cost savings and value can be improved when alternative design solutions are researched and applied.

Designers and consultants will work together with the client to ensure that material selection is determined with budget and long-term operating maintenance costs in mind. Considerations will include energy consumption, space planning efficiency and public use.

Effective design requires a clear understanding of organizational and operational needs. Working with our clients in a collaborative spirit easily guides the entire team through the process of verifying and modifying the existing programs. The accumulation of data from all user groups ensures an informed and smooth process when refining the existing program.

Design control, design variation and internal audits are an integral part of assurance procedures. To ensure effective communication between the clients, consultants and design team, a communication strategy will be implemented to ensure effective distribution of information. The consultant team and client group must work together to achieve design quality, perform a value analysis and determine constructability. By reviewing and discussing design concepts, the entire team can work together to ensure goals and objectives are met.