The urban-master planning for over 200 million square feet of residential development

CORE Architects Inc. is an award-winning group of architects and interior designers based in Toronto. Since our formation in 1994, we have quickly distinguished ourselves amongst our competitors by our innovative yet thoughtful design solutions.

Since our inception, CORE has been responsible for the design of over 160 condominium projects, 55 of which are in the downtown core of Toronto; the urban-master planning for over 200 million square feet of residential development; numerous private residences, and a number of recreational and sports clubs, restaurants, hotels, resorts, office environments and over 1500 retail rollouts, across Canada, the U.S., and internationally.

The firm’s founding principals, Babak EslahjouCharles Gane, and Deni Poletti share a design philosophy that focuses on creativity, innovation, and sustainability; and a business vision that is client-focused, striving to maximize efficiency while meeting schedule and budgetary constraints.

Beginning in 2001, CORE Architects entered the international market in the Middle East when we were contracted by Emaar Properties to provide master-planning, site coordination, and design for over 100 million square feet of development at the Dubai Marina, a waterfront community along the Persian Gulf. 

Through our successes with Emaar Properties CORE became involved with numerous other international projects such as the design of the flagship branch of Dubai Bank as well as numerous other condominium developments in Dubai and the design of several resorts in the Caribbean. 

Our ability to export and adapt design solutions and technical expertise have created real value for our clients as their projects achieved market success.

This approach has resulted in a loyal and dedicated clientele that turn to CORE year after year for their planning and design requirements.